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USAJOBS connects job seekers with federal employment opportunities. Job resources can be accessed on-the-go using the USAJOBS app, making finding the right government position fast and simple.

However, there are various resources available on USAJOBS that job seekers may not understand or find. Therefore, applicants should review the following sections to learn how the website and mobile app can help them find employment.

Government employers are not often recruiting on typical job searching platforms such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Instead, they use secure sites like USAJOBS to ensure qualified applicants can easily find and apply for positions. The site also provides applicants with employment resources such as USAJOBS resume templates and information to help their resumes reach the hiring committee. Despite being a free site, USAJOBS can truly bolster your employment search. If you are interested in applying for a position within the federal government or another government entity, you should consider visiting the website and utilizing the resources it has available.

How can USAJOBS help you find employment?

The USAJOBS website allows you to search and apply for competitive positions within the federal government. You can use the USAJOBS resume builder to create resumes and tailor resumes to certain positions and save their resumes to be searched by other recruiters. Other features that can help you find employment are outlined below:

  • Features that allow you to save jobs, searches, resumes and other documents
  • Email updates about new job listings
  • Online applications, which you can easily apply for with your online profile
  • Tips for creating a federal resume
  • A list of FAQs regarding common issues with the website features

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Following the completion of your resume and other documents needed to apply, you can begin filling out an application for the site. Your USAJOBS application does not need to be finished in one sitting and may be saved for later use. Site users may see the following statuses displayed as their applications are being processed:

  • This means that the hiring agency has received your completed application.
  • This status indicates that the hiring agency has finished reviewing your application but has yet to offer you a position.
  • If your application is referred, then you are among the other applicants advancing in the selection process.
  • A selected USAJOBS application has been approved for hire, and you have been offered a position.
  • This means you have accepted a position.
  • In progress. In-progress applications have not been completed yet and require more information before they can be submitted.
  • These applications have been submitted without sufficient information. If the position is still available, you may complete these applications and resubmit them.
  • Canceled applications have been withdrawn without consideration.
  • Not referred. These applications have not advanced in the selection process.
  • Not selected. This status implies that you have not been selected for the position.
  • Not hired. This means you have declined a USAJOBS position or were not offered the position.

If your application status is unavailable, then you may need to check if you have properly submitted your application and contact the hiring agency when necessary. While the site targets individuals wanting to work in the federal government, you may utilize USAJOBS resume help to construct a suitable resume for other positions, as well. However, remember that the advice and information listed on USAJOBS is meant for job seekers applying for government careers, and you should be cautious when using the information for other positions. Nevertheless, it can be a great free resource for those looking for all types of employment.

How to Use USAJOBS

To apply for positions on USAJOBS, you must create a profile, upload your documents and submit your completed application to the hiring agency of your choosing. Every position should use the same application format to facilitate the application process, but you are still advised to review job-specific guidelines that may affect how and when you apply. You must also pay attention to application deadlines and job closings as these may impact your ability to apply for positions.

A user-friendly USAJOBS app is available for download on all iOS devices, to enable you to apply for federal positions anywhere. Since its launch in 2010, this app has been giving users mobile access to thousands of federal job opportunities. Additionally, a convenient map located on the app allows you to locate positions based on your location.

Find Out About USAJOBS Resources

USAJOBS not only offers you information on how to apply for government positions but also details about working in the government. The USAJOBS app and website give essential employment information to populations such as veterans, U.S. citizens, Native Americans, students and recent graduates. The following information pertaining to federal employment can be found on the site:

  • What appointments are available.

According to USAJOBS, the Federal Government employs permanent and temporary employees using career appointments, non-competitive appointments and temporary appointments. The type of appointment used to hire new employees depends on their previous experiences and the number of candidates applying for the same position. Temporary positions may last one year or less while term appointments may last up to four years.

  • Information about the benefits for government employees.

As a federal employee, you have access to unique benefits based on your position type (i.e., temporary or permanent). The kinds of benefits you may be eligible for include health insurance under the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHB), dental and vision insurance, Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance program (FEGLI) and flexible spending accounts to help cover medical or childcare costs.

  • Which occupation you should consider.

USAJOBS lists the types of federal occupations you may be qualified for based on your college major. For instance, if you majored in biological sciences, you may be qualified for positions in the outdoor recreation planning series or wildlife biology series. The list is alphabetical and explains whether you will need additional degrees or not to apply. Employee training programs are also available through certain positions on the USAJOBS website.

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