Learn About Unemployment Resources

Anyone who has ever faced unemployment knows how hard it is to make money without a job and the pressure that often accompanies unemployment.

Unemployment, though, is a harsh reality for many Americans.

Unemployment can affect anyone at any time, but fortunately, it is not a permanent circumstance and can oftentimes be remedied with dedication and the right resources.

Perhaps you are experiencing unemployment because your skills need to be refined and would benefit from an apprenticeship or more education in your field.

Perhaps you do not yet have a field and need career counseling and guidance to help you identify where your skillset is strongest.

Maybe you need help with the hiring process such as job interview tips or assistance with writing a resume that is more compelling than your competition.

You may not realize there are many other unemployed individuals like you trying to break into the workforce or return to the workforce following a previous setback.

Appropriately, there are tools and resources that can help unemployed individuals return to the workforce no matter what their reason for unemployment. Assistance is available to meet the needs of the nation’s unemployed. Some of those tools and resources are indicated here.

Legal and Illegal Terminations

If you have been fired from your job and the reasons for termination fall under the legal parameters according to the laws in your state, there are resources you can use to find alternative employment.

If you were a victim of unlawful termination, you too should seek new employment, but there are some things you should be aware of. Legally, termination of employment cannot be based on discriminating factors such as race, age, nationality, religion, gender, etc.

Even though all states support at will employment, which gives employers the right to fire employees for any reason outside discrimination of such attributes listed above, many states have adapted their own interpretation of the employment at will doctrine that dictates policy.

Consequently, you should familiarize yourself with your state’s labor laws, initially, and file a complaint through your state, if possible, if you feel you have a valid claim against an employer.

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Once you have filed a state discrimination complaint and exhausted the support of state resources, you can seek additional aid from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC is the nation’s employment discrimination regulator and overseer. Filing an EEOC complaint takes time; note that there are strict timeframes from the date the discrimination occurred for filing these complaints.

If valid, your complaint could garner unemployment benefits if wrongful termination is determined or monetary restitution if discrimination affected you in another way.

Learn About Job Search Resources

For the sector of the U.S. population that cannot seem to find gainful employment or get their foot in the door at the right job, career counseling or other assistance can be an invaluable unemployment resource.

A career coach can help you determine the best type of jobs for you. Additionally, consider getting help to update your resume to highlight what employers are looking at.

Job seeking support can make all the difference when job hunting comes to a halt. Seek help in the following areas to better your chances of employment:

  • Job interview tips and preparation.
  • Effective job hunting via search engines.
  • Filling out job applications online.
  • Organizing your job search efforts (for example, using a job application app).
  • Finding the right apprenticeship.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to you to find alternative ways to earn money without a job to support your basic needs and the needs of those who rely on you for financial support.

This requires a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, but when under pressure, the unemployed need money fast and often even surprise themselves.

Depending on your situation and abilities, there are options for earning part-time money while searching for a job and brushing up on all the job hunting skills listed previously.

Find Out About Education Resources

Many times individuals find themselves unemployed due to a lack of career training or education in their field. With online degrees readily available for anyone who has the time and money to invest in them, it may be that employers are passing you up simply because there was a better candidate for the job.

Fortunately, though, what makes online universities appealing to so many different workforce entrants is that it is accessible to anyone who has access to a computer.

Thus, you too can attend the best online colleges and be a viable contender for the jobs you want. Modern-day technology opens opportunities for parents, seniors, full-time caregivers, etc. to better themselves through online education.

If you can work out the cost factor to fit in with your budget, you can get an online bachelor’s degree or enroll in a master’s program online.

However, online courses are not for everyone. Perhaps you learn better in a more hands-on or face-to-face setting such as a vocational school or traditional college.

Technical schools are a great place to learn a trade whether you are just starting your career path or switching to a new one.

Vocational education is not for everyone, but many students do find it to be a fitting passageway to training and job security.

If all else fails, there are free online courses and lectures offered by reputable colleges and universities that can enhance your knowledge and understanding of certain skillsets or concepts.

Some free online courses with certificates provide students with certification in certain areas.

Valuable knowledge that can boost your career can be obtained at no cost through many free online learning opportunities.

By taking advantage of free educational resources like these, you better your chances of employment, which could potentially change your career path, affecting the course of your employment for the rest of your life.

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